Tuesday, August 2, 2011


These ladies issued the challenge:
*above graphics are Katie's design
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    I saw Sherry post this to her site and then Emily (HGTV Design Star winner and Secrets from a Stylist host) mentioned it on Twitter. Both are ladies whose style and craftiness I admire. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I just had to decided which of my pins to take on. I ended up making sewing kit in a jar because I had just bought a bunch of little spools of thread and need a place to keep them besides a sandwich baggie!

    the inspiration

    I purchased a small mason jar at Michael's for only $1.40! Then I located a tutorial via Martha Stewart since the original post that was linked only had photos. I didn't take pics of the process so check out the link to Martha for instructions. Other supplies that I already had on hand included:
    • cardboard
    • fabric
    • batting
    • hot glue gun
    My finished result is pretty and awesome! Music themed since it will be in the office with all our music books and instruments.
    made for less than $1.50!

    I also updated another Pinterest project I had done a month or so ago.

    the inspiration

    I bought some drawer liner for my nightstand and had some scrap pieces so I decided to spruce up the bottom part of my dishwasher status wheel. Before it was just scribbles of black marker. It looks so pretty now!

    The bottom part is just another CD cut in half and then I'm lazy so its just taped to the little hook.

    bedside table drawers

    I'm really happy with these projects. The shopping started off really frustrating because I couldn't find the supplies I wanted for the pins I chose initially. Next projects will most likely be a clothespin sunburst mirror and a match holder from a mason jar.


    1. What a cute idea! i love all your projects especially the mason jar sewing kit!

    2. Love the mason jar sewing kit! Such a darling idea!!